Valor on Mission Hill | 
Boston, Massachusetts

An art-deco-inspired mixed-use development creates small-scale living spaces and retail opportunities in a property that had been vacant for several decades. | View Project

One of the most densely populated and ethnically diverse communities in New England is poised for large-scale urban development. How can we enable the implementation of plans that prioritize people first?




A Neighborhood Plan for Union Square | Somerville, Massachusetts

In anticipation of the construction of a new subway station, Union Square initiated a neighborhood development plan. How could Union Square grow while maintaining the authentic and funky character that people love about it? | View Project


Comprehensive Plan & Form-Based Code | Newcastle, Maine

Maine Design Workshop and Principle worked together to create a creative engagement campaign resulting in a new form-based code and comprehensive plan. These new policies promote commercial and residential growth that fit the town's vision. | View Project



Historic Rehabilitation on Broad Street | Boston, Massachusetts

In 2013, we discovered that this 1894 historic building had been vacant for several years. Our team uncovered several opportunities that allowed for a viable project to be created from a unique historical structure. | View Project


State of Maine
"The Way Life Should Be

Maine has an amazing connection to both the sea and the land, the urban and the rural. With such variety in the natural and built landscape, each project in Maine has allowed us to further refine our understanding of authentic places. How do we build new in a place that is mostly old and historic? How do we preserve character while minimizing onerous regulations? How do we enable rural legacy businesses to happen again, legally?  


Build Maine | Lewiston

What if we could find ways to build stronger, more successful towns and cities in Maine through strategic, high impact investments? Build Maine seeks to do just that, and more. 

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A Community-Driven Plan for Winter Hill | Somerville, Massachusetts

Winter Hill is one of the few neighborhoods in Somerville that will not be receiving direct access to a new MBTA Green Line subway station. Our team worked with the neighborhood to craft a plan that would create both public and private enhancements even without new subway arriving. | View Project



Higgins Beach Form-Based Code Reformation | Scarborough, Maine

Higgins Beach, a turn-of-the-century planned beach community, was hit with conventional zoning in the 1960's, throwing all the existing homes into non-conformity. Since that time, anyone seeking to renovate a home has been required to comply with uncharacteristic setbacks as well as onerous environmental regulations. | View Project



Gilman Square Station
Area Plan |
Somerville, Massachusetts

In order to balance density and placemaking, our team aimed to create a design that would transform Gilman Square into a new public square with a host of new civic amenities in a neighborhood that currently has few destinations. | View Project




Fostering Civic Engagement in the Age of Twitter

Too often community engagement can be seen as an afterthought, carried out in a dull and un-engaging way. But does it always have to be this way? | Read The Article

Mission Hill
Boston, Massachusetts

Mission Hill is located within minutes of some of Boston’s most cherished places, public transportation nodes, hospitals, and schools. A mix of walkable neighborhood services, proximity to public transit, and vacant space is what sparked our team to begin applying a new urbanist approach to the redevelopment of several key sites along the neighborhood’s main street, Tremont Street.